Engineering & Technical

Technical marketing translation requires a blend of art and science to capture the nuance of the brand as well as the precision-detail of the product. We specialize in optimizing teams for technical content using a blend of subject matter linguists and native copy editors to ensure that messaging and brand elements are preserved. Because brand managers and product managers often have different needs, our translators understand the technology, as well as the marketing to meet the needs of both and deliver a localized a marketing message that maintains brand consistency.


Over the years, KnowledgeTrans has developed a specialized expertise to serve the legal translation and compliance training needs of global businesses. Our team works directly with your in-house legal counsel and law firm to give you document translation support for contractual matters, intellectual property, patents, anti-trust matters, codes of conduct, company policies, mergers and acquisitions, international litigation, FCPA and UK Bribery Act compliance, eLearning and more.



To comply with the regulations, life science companies must effectively produce absolutely error free localization and, in a marketplace that is becoming more global and increasingly competitive, the choice of a translation service partner is critical.

Our Life Science clients typically localize their products into between five and 35 languages, while demanding very high quality, comprehensive process and full integration of validation cycles. We successfully provide the required service through use of highly qualified, specialized resources, a well-defined process, clear specific terminology and in-depth QA.


KnowledgeTrans provides a complete solution for e-learning and training system for developers who want to localize courseware for international audiences. Customers will appreciate our ability of delivering accurate and fast translations of interactive course content. We strive to gain a thorough understanding of the courseware subject in order to provide the highest quality of content translation.


Consumer Goods & Retail

For companies in the Apparel, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Luxury Brands and Personal Care industries looking to expand their market share and revenues, it is essential that their employees are well trained about their products and their branding is clear across all markets.


We offer professional translation services worldwide. Did you know that translating your English content into Mandarin and Spanish – just 2 new languages – will mean your message will be heard by 25% of the world’s population? Talk to us today about opening up your business to new markets via our translation services.