ELearning providers and Global players realize the importance of the right impact of marketing material and technical documents on the product/service end user in the target countries. More and more corporations are also increasingly aware of the importance of communicating efficiently with a global work force and they want their international employees to benefit from the same training programs made available to the employees of the home country.

Consequently, an increased demand for localized training and e-learning programs have emerged, demand that also comes with its challenges.

Localized training programs have the challenge of promoting a uniform corporate culture while having to consider the cultural and social context in which the training is being delivered.

Training and e-learning programs are usually very complex projects that encompass a wide variety of medium increasingly sophisticated:

A lot of training programs started with paper based manuals and PowerPoint presentations used in a classroom. Even though those mediums are still very relevant, it is more and more common to see computer based trainings, web based trainings, multimedia presentations and video presentations, for which localization requires an important gathering of resources such as: Translators, editors, desktop publishers, multimedia specialists, software engineers, voice talents, producers and studio engineers etc.

The right choice and the right management of those resources can ensure that localized training programs live up to their expectations of teaching a global workforce in a consistent fashion while also enhancing trainees experience through the consideration of the cultural context.

KnowledgeTrans provides a complete solution for e-learning and training systems for developers who wish to localize courseware for international audiences. Customers will appreciate our ability to deliver accurate and fast translation of interactive course content. We strive to gain a thorough understanding of the courseware subject in order to provide the highest quality of content translation.

Our solution includes:

  • Planning and management of the localization environment including program testing
  • Audio script localization
  • Web site localization
  • Translation of printed support collaterals

All KnowledgeTrans translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement. KnowledgeTrans takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All translations remain confidential.

We can share our client reference to establish our quality and delivery capabilities. Please write to us at info@knowledgetrans.com or call us at: +91 11 47065658 to kick start the project.