KnowledgeTrans subtitling experts have unsurpassed experience in the subtitling field and are skilled at transmitting your message clearly, concisely, and consistently in over 100 languages.

When you don’t want to use voice-over or dubbing techniques, subtitles are an easy alternative. KnowledgeTrans translators can take your script – whether it’s a radio advertisement, television show, Internet video, or feature-length film – and provide fully-translated subtitles in your target language.

Our linguists are trained to translate scripts into subtitles that are:

  • Accurate
  • Localized
  • Culturally relevant

KnowledgeTrans Subtitle Services also benefit from our rigorous Translation Checks which assures the integrity of every word we translate. By assigning a translator, editor, and proofreader – as well as applying the latest quality control software – to your project, our strict quality control standards ensure that all subtitles are reviewed at least three times.

To create appropriate subtitles for your program, the dialogue must be carefully adapted to each language to maintain the meaning of the source content while the translator simultaneously condenses the length of the translation to ensure readability for the viewer. KnowledgeTrans subtitling linguists are skilled at making editorial choices to facilitate this reduction to ensure that the subtitles are tailored to the nuances of your program and timed to coincide precisely with the dialogue.

Our subtitlers regularly work with all major video formats including DVCam, HDCam, DigiBeta and Beta SP. Additionally, we can create custom solutions to meet your requirements for commercials, TV programs, Internet broadcasts, DVD, video, and cinema.

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