KnowledgeTrans offers transcription services in different areas such as Legal, Medical, Insurance, Entertainment, Corporate, Government, and Education sectors. We provide an accurate and on-time transcription service, simply upload your audio/video files onto our server and we will do the rest.

Our transcribers ensure very high accuracy levels to assure complete customer satisfaction. Whether you are an individual or a corporate company, you will get the accurate transcriptions you need.

Whether it is Legal transcription, medical transcription or even Verbatim Transcription, our dedicated and experienced team of transcribers is ready to handle all your transcription needs.

Our foreign language transcription services can address the following requirements:

Our team of professional voiceover artists and bilingual project managers ensure that every aspect of our service is high on quality. For your requirement, you could choose from our pool of native voices in Asian, European and Indian languages. We have the ability to work with many file formats such as .wav, .aiff, .ra, .wma, .mp3 etc.

Medical transcription : At KnowledgeTrans, you will find reliable medical language transcription services provided by experienced medical transcriptionists. Our innovative medical transcription solutions are availed by physicians, healthcare practices and hospitals located in different parts of the world. Our services are HIPAA compliant and the best in terms of quality.

Legal transcription : In the legal domain, various court hearings and summons need to be recorded for future references. However, jotting down the court hearing in detail is nearly impossible. Thus, you can send recorded pleadings, hearings and arbitrations to us and we will transcribe them for you. The transcriptionists at KnowledgeTrans are well-versed with the legal domain and related functions and can transcribe your files into another language of your choice.

Business transcription : By availing our offshore business transcription services, you can direct your time and efforts towards your core operations and other important administration tasks. Our business transcription services are aimed at companies across the globe, which do not have the time and resources to perform transcription tasks in-house. Our business transcription services cover board meetings, seminars, conferences, focus group meetings, interviews, group discussions etc.

Digital transcription : Speed, efficiency and accuracy are the hallmarks of digital transcription, which facilitates smooth transitions of data, irrespective of quantity. At KnowledgeTrans, we have the resources to offer accurate digital transcription services in other foreign languages. Capitalizing on the proliferation of the internet, you can send us your digital audio file for transcription. Our services include transcription of digital audio files in voice formats such as .WAV, .DSS and MP3.

Audio transcription : We have the capability to transcribe your audio files into text format and vice versa. There are many instances when you have to get an important audio file transcribed quickly. In such situations, instead of getting worried, outsource your requirement to us. The transcriptionists at KnowledgeTrans are trained to decipher different accents and transcribe accurately. We can transcribe your audio files into a text format, in the language of your choice.

Features of Our Distinct Services

  • KnowledgeTrans service delivery model revolves around customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and quality.
  • Our transcription services are built on exceptional customer support, dedication and commitment towards nurturing long-term customer relationships.
  • The team of skilled and experienced transcription professionals at KnowledgeTrans has the ability to transcribe your business-critical information and translate it to other foreign languages such as French and Chinese.
  • Our certified foreign language transcriptionists have a sound knowledge of grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure of their respective native languages.
  • Professionally qualified transcriptionists in our team adhere to confidentiality and security standards and ensure that crucial information related to your project remains secure with us.
  • Our transcriptionists have the ability to decipher different language accents and dialects.
  • We pay attention to detail and meticulously review our work before delivering it to you.

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