KnowledgeTrans provides quality business transcription services for medium to large businesses and corporate houses with flexible turn-around-time.

One of the most important attributes for business success is being cheap! In almost any business, if your cost structure is even a couple of percentage points lower than your competition’s, you can have a huge competitive advantage. Increasingly larger corporations are using cost control as a competitive weapon. By outsourcing your transcription service requirements, you not only save on costs but also on resources. Transcription service rates at KnowledgeTrans are only a fraction of that of other transcription companies. Entrust your business transcription service requirements to KnowledgeTrans and enjoy the benefits of having a virtual assistant round the clock with none of the hassles that come from recruiting manpower. KnowledgeTrans has been in the transcription business since its infancy. Our India office is located in New Delhi and we provide our business transcription services across the globe. All speech to text and audio to text services are provided at prices which are 40% less than that of other local companies.

Business transcription services provided by KnowledgeTrans include:

Telephone Transcription / Tele Conferencing / Tele Marketing

In this age of the Virtual office with majority of businesses taking place over the phone, it is of predominance to get your telephone calls transcribed. We provide a complete verbatim transcription of telephone conversations and conferences.

Other business transcription services provided by KnowledgeTrans include:

  • Focus Group transcription
  • One to One Interview transcription
  • Multiple speaker transcription
  • Business meetings
  • Seminars / Conferences
  • Speeches / Lectures
  • Financial transcription
  • Earning calls
  • Transcription of mobile recordings
  • Insurance claims transcriptions
  • Market research
  • Employee survey
  • Training session transcription
  • Boardroom discussions

Our Superior Business Transcription Service Highlights:

  • Top Notch Quality:

Our extensively trained teams of transcriptionists have the expertise to decipher audio correctly and transcribe accurate text. The transcript is then proof read and edited. It is further evaluated by our quality control team. These repeated quality checks ensure that the text transcribed is accurate and of a high quality.

  • Flexible Turnaround Time (TAT):

Our turnaround time packages are tailored to meet customer requirements. From Standard TAT to Super Rush TAT, we have different turnaround time packages to suit different client needs.