We have translated 1 million words for 40 different clients in the financial and insurance services sector since 2009.

Being a multinational company is no longer just the reserve of big corporations. Thanks to the march of globalization and the growth of the internet, it’s now standard practice for companies to translation their financial information into several.

Our financial translation projects covered everything from marketing collateral and website content to company accounts, internal communications, brochures, presentations and legal contracts.

We have 750 translators with specialist industry experience providing financial translations for the financial and insurance sector across all language combinations.

Glossaries and Translation Memory

Clearly, with financial translation using the right terms in the right context is crucial. To ensure this happens, we will work with you to agree translated glossaries of terms specific to your company or industry. We choose our in-country translators very carefully and constantly test them to ensure that only the best editors and reviewers work on your projects. We’ll quickly build teams of translators and project managers to support major projects requiring accurate results and a fast turnaround. We’ll also use translation memory to ensure that paragraphs and sections of text that are repeated throughout your documents are re-used by our translators. Translation memory helps to increase quality and turnaround of your translations. It also reduces cost as previously translated text is charged at a reduced rate.

We translate:

  • Financial Statements
  • Credit & Equity Research
  • Credit Reports
  • Fixed Income Research
  • Bank Statements
  • Profit and Loss Reports
  • Equity Research
  • Balance Sheets
  • Annual Reports
  • Investment Documents

Case Study

Global financial institution

This global financial institution has worked with KnowledgeTrans since December 2009, translating over 15,000 words a month of website articles, press releases, feature stories and profiles between German and English.

The organization has daily translation requirements – several contact-people send through individual translation orders to a dedicated KnowledgeTrans email address. We usually return documents three to four hours ahead of deadline, even on a 24-hour turn around.

KnowledgeTrans supplies a dedicated Project Manager and team of several client-selected translators and proofreaders