Marketing Translations Are Crucial

When you have spent countless hours getting your brand message right, then why choose translation services that destroy your message in other languages? At KnowledgeTrans, we get marketing translation right so that you can spread your message further.

We screen rigorously for linguists with high level of marketing understanding and experience. We only work with translators who have worked in the marketing industry or have a marketing degree. We give you confidence that every element of your message is delivered with as much power as it has in its original language.

KnowledgeTrans marketing translation solutions help you stay on target

With increasingly elusive and ever-changing target groups, marketing translation services need to fast, precise and punctual. At KnowledgeTrans, our account managers and project managers get you exactly what you need, on time, every time.

As the sophistication of the internet grows, we now know more than ever about who needs what. Even more significant thing is we know that increasing numbers of people who don’t speak our language need what we can provide. As internet use spreads, you will need a partner that can grow your brand in new markets. Choose to grow with us.

Our teams of page layout specialists take your DTP files and put the translated copy into your layout. We can work with all the current industry standard software on Macintosh and PC:

  • QuarkXpress
  • InDesign
  • Pagemaker
  • Framemaker
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Powerpoint
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop