Translation Memory

Translation Memory

Many documents and web pages across an organization often contain large amounts of the same text. Our translation memory system records every piece of text we translate for you and if the same text string appears in another document, it will be automatically translated.

Translation Memory – Saving Time and Money

We use translation memory right from the quote stage of your translation project. Any text that is identified by the system that we have already translated for you is excluded from the quote price. This means you only pay for the text we translate and you won’t pay for a repeat translation of words that have already been done.

Translation memory reduces the amount of text our translators have to translate. Proofreading translation memory text to ensure the translation stays in context is a far simpler process than translation new text. Using translation memory will speed up your project, meaning you get your completed translation even quicker.

How Does Translation Memory Work?

For any large or ongoing project KnowledgeTrans uses Translation Memory. Every sentence we translate for you will be remembered in a database for future use, this brings the benefits of:

  • Increased quality of translation as the same terminology and descriptions are used throughout translated material across the company
  • A considerable reduction in turnaround times as translators do not have to re-translate every repeated sentence or paragraph
  • Dramatic cost savings as repeated text is only charged at a third of the normal price. This charge is in place as the translator will still check the context of repeated sentences

Whatever material is being translated, there are considerable benefits, and the longer this is used the better the benefits get. It is particularly powerful when used on manuals, user guides, training material and other technical documents where you could see savings of up to half the previous translation costs.

What About Confidentiality?

Confidentiality is always a high priority with us and our translation memory system is no different. Only organizations who have agreed to share their translation memories will be part of our translation memory system and the actual documents will never, be shared or passed on. Translation memory only ever shows the passages of text that have been translated before and match the new translation.